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Does anyone else have problems with buffering on Virgin 50Mb Broadband?

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Posted 14th May 2014
I was quite happy with the speeds of Virgin, I only signed up a couple of months ago on their 50Mb package.

However lately I have been watching catchup on the second laptop and find that almost every program stops every few minutes for about 3 seconds while it buffers.

I assumed in todays market with the speeds that we get that buffering would be a thing of the past. It does not matter what time of day it is, early hours, during the day or evenings, I still get the odd buffering during programs.

I have checked my speeds on various speed test programs and all come out above 50mb download.

I tend to watch ITV Catchup and 4OD.

Does anyone else have this kind of problem?

The buffering is not really bad, but it does happen for a few seconds every few minutes, sometimes it may go 15-20 minutes but mostly within 5 minutes it does it, I was wondering if it may be a common problem with catch-up tv?

It is connected via ethernet so it is not the wi-fi that is the problem.
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