Does anyone else have tartar sauce with fish fingers?

    I'm being ridiculed at work, apparently it's crazy! I can't be the only person....?


    You are no freak my friend I too have Tartar Sauce with fish fingers, it is fish after all!.

    I bet you love Fish Finger sandwiches too dontyou, I do mmmmm, guess what I may have for my tea now.

    You must work with some peasant proles, Ignore them you are a better person with a higher standard taste bud.

    Slaver your fish fingers with homemade tartar sauce and taunt the uneducated ketchup monkeys.

    Don't usually have them with fish fingers, but with a nice piece of fish yes, most fish fingers are crap processed pap, but I'm assuming your eating poor fish fingers.


    why ridiculed? tartar sauce goes with fish. Fish fingers contain fish.

    I dont get it.

    I have salad cream with mine.



    I have salad cream with mine.

    that works for me too, or even mayonnaise lol

    mmm. fish fingers. havent had them in ages... i'll have to raid the freezer at lunch...

    i tend to have tartar with all fish, but i usually have ketchup with fish fingers (from what i remember)

    I do, yum. But then I also have mustard (English) with sausages.

    Mod & Ed

    Of course, or even marie rose sauce, sometimes I do lower my standards and have tomato ketchup on the top of them and mayonaise underneath when I have them in a sandwich.
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