Does anyone else have The Hut keep declining on Quidco?

    I haven't used any external codes or anything with them, but I've had 1 transaction go through as validated, but my other 2 has been declined!! I've paid and had the items delivered so not sure why?


    I think I had an order in February, used no codes, and it was declined. maybe it was competing cookies with another site.

    Quidco has been fine for me except for thetoyshop they were the only ones to decline. errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr:x

    its was my first declien through quidco, I didn't use any codes either

    I've had two declines from thehut and one that wasn't.

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    I've had two declines from thehut and one that wasn't.

    They don't state that the first purchase is the only one valid. There's another seller that states this, but checked and it's not them. Not sure why. I tried to put in a 2nd dispute of decline and it won't let me :x
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