does anyone else use more garlic than your average person?

    or is it just me i just had a stir fry and used about 8 medium cloves
    but i know people would think just using one is a bit much


    It must be great fun being stood next to you on the tube in rush hour:p

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    haha i dont do it all the time but when i do use it i seem to go a bit far

    eeeeeeew, I cant do garlic full stop because when the french exchange students came to school we had french stuff rammed down our throats and for some strange reason I though it would be a good idea to try the snails in garlic butter, oh yuk, making me ick thinking about it. 20 years later and I still cant eat anything with it in.

    Wow I love garlic but 8 cloves is very excessive to me lol. I never use more than 2

    Yes were garlic lovers but that's a little over the top lol.
    Easy garlic goes in everything have you pop it in mushy peas, yorkshire pudding mix, scammble eggs

    i use loads for spagetti bolognese nearly the whole bulb x x x

    Does it really matter how much you use? I always thought that the smell was the same if you used one clove or a whole bulb. Some recipes use huge amounts of garlic cloves. So - if you like it then you may as well use lots.

    Im lucky it doesn't give me the bad smell. Only once when I put a load in a stir fry the folowing morning I was driving and wondered what the smell was and the found out it was me lol, This was confirms at breakfast at work. Not used that much since.
    It's good for you.

    I love it in Chicken and black bean sauce mmmmmm, Why when I eat it is my girlfriend able to smell it off me but I cant and why is it offensive to her nose after I eat it and fine before. What is the body's process of turning that lovely smell into something she doenst like after it is ingested through my body?????

    I was actually surprised about how much garlic is in Indian Curries..........

    But yeah, I use loads in recipes that require it - half a bulb upwards usually.

    Great for your heart.

    Vampires wouldn't like me:p

    Yep, use it daily.

    I use at least 1/2 bulb per meal




    Thanks for making me feel much more squiffy than I am:)

    SS has a fruit thing going on tonight.

    Orally only, hopefully

    Garlic is awesome! I love it.

    One of my favourite dishes is a Thai dish of fish covered in about 30 cloves of garlic, yum!
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