Does anyone find channel logo's on Sky annoying?

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Found 19th Feb 2011
Does anyone else hate those channel logo's (or whatever they are called) on Sky?
We watched something the other day and the logo was so big it spoiled the programme.
I don't suppose there is any way to turn them off?
(I know you can get rid of the 'red button' etc but pressing back up).
Surely they cause screen burn on some TV's.

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agree...and what are those random letters above the sky sports logo when watching live footie??


yes as I don`t like the cut of their jib.. and they stare at me in a quite threatening way

Its the same with lots of satellite channels..e.g. ITV3 etc.. Its is very annoying but no solution that I know

It bugs me that they're still in the 4:3 position, surely the majority now have widescreen tellys.

don't know why your all so angry? its hardly big, the american ones can be much bigger!

The American ones come on the bottom of the screen with an advert usually. Much worse.

Product placements, logos, adverts....
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