Does anyone find they started using the site for deals.....

    then now near enough skips the deals or has a quick flick through page and comes straight to the misc section or is it just me lol


    No, its not just you!! I do that too!

    me too. quality of deals on this site is pathetic and has been since the site upgrade.

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    Im glad im not the only one, infact i used to spend loads of money on deals all the time but now i find i dont, if i want to buy something i look to see if there is a deal for that item, if not i buy it from where ever lol

    I just love everything!

    I use misc and only misc.

    If I want something i'll search vouchers/deals. If theres nothing there i won't use it

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    Yeah im same as you t0mm, when i first started getting hooked i used to buy tons and tons of deals as it seemed good but then i was always skint, and also never used the stuff lol

    I preordered Mario Kart for Wii as posted up for ChoicesUK ( may get cancelled yet due to demand cos not on site anymore ) but I not been buying as much posted up. Maybe its got something to do with how ppl are spending.Was just on news people cutting back becuase of general living going up.So if less people are wnating to buy then they not inclined to look for products,and then if they not looking they can't post up.
    I want some misprices to come up and get honoured!

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    I would love to spend £100's but its not possible as there is always a bill that comes in that needs paying when we have spare cash or one of my 5 boys need something or other new which costs a fortune in itself lol

    i like to browse it all

    Quick peek at the deals then over to here:)

    Train Driver;1703408

    Quick peek at the deals then over to here:)

    Same for me! I like to have a quick peek at the FS/FT too, oh, and the feedback....also the deal requests!

    I love it all!

    dont look at deals go strait to for sale/trade, then deal requests and then here, and sometimes post the odd deal for others

    I was a misc virgin until a couple of days ago but find myself coming here all the time now:w00t:

    quick scan of the deals, check what my buddies are looking at and then across to misc for the rest of the evening...apparently we are not alone

    yup, deals and fs/ft with a very occasional browse of deals, and have only brought one thing (£25 Gamecube deal- but tbh had already seen it in the shop window in town) since xmas.

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    I guess it shows a strong community if everyone/most people skip deals to come and post on here, as we all want to chat to each other.
    I have never seen another forum before thats so easy to slip into the community, most are very together and dont like the newbies!

    Like many others have said, i mainly post and view the misc forum, now and again view and post in the for sale / trade, deal request, feedback and deal sections.

    I find the misc forum very useful, with mostly friendly people giving advice and just having a laugh !!

    Scary place that Deals section.;-)
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