Does anyone get at least one sticky creme egg in their box?

    Hey all,

    I don't know how many packs of 6 creme eggs we have gone through but about 80% of them have always had a sticky egg lol
    I think they do it deliberately so we have to wipe our fingers lol There is always a little blob of real stickiness on at least on egg

    anyone else have this?


    yeah there either sticky or's anoying either way


    Complain you might get some free :thumbsup:

    I love Creme Eggs but hate it when you get a sticky one. Totally agree with you, there is at least one sticky one in each box BUT its even worse when the inside is solid and not runny, THAT totally ruins a Creme Egg for me!!!

    wondered what this thread was gonna be about when i read the title! lmao


    i hate creme eggs bleurk



    i hate creme eggs bleurk


    They are very sickly.

    Original Poster

    We only limit ourselves to one now and again. They are quite good for a well deserved choccy nosh lol
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