Does anyone have a BMW on lease ?

    I am trying to find a BMW 5 series , preferably 525d, on contract lease but am having problems. I have had a look on but the prices are all about the same and its a bit too much. I am hoping to find some where a little more reasonable.

    If its the wrong time to be getting a car on lease, please let me know.



    Hi, yeah its not the best time to be leasin cos ur better waiting for the new reg to come out in march cos u'll get a 57 reg for less or a pre reg 08 car for the same price. also dont go through any contract leasing cos its got hidden costs, like u pay extra for paint straingly and cd players etc, ur better going to a bmw dealer and enquiring about PCP,(leasing), cos its flexable, you can agree price based on mileage and useage etc

    hope this helps

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    thanks mate. Ive heard quite a few people telling me to go to BMW directly and dealing with them. I wouldve thought its more expensive though for whatever reason. I am guessing I need to do some homework in terms of prices of the car I want and also go check it out around when new reg is out.

    thanks again

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    to the top!

    Don't know the jargon, but a friend of mine has recently taken on a BMW 518 on some sort of lease/hire etc.

    After ALOT of research, he went directly through BMW. This also has it's own little perks, as for example he can go to any BMW dealerships over the country and get a free clean and valet for his car.

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    thanks a lot.
    that's quite a nice perk ...
    My brother-in-law has a 5 series in the states and can go to any bmw and get it cleaned like you said so i think its a worldwide thing.

    I have just called bmw and am waiting for some on-the-phone quotes so lets see what happens.

    could you possible find out what kind of deal your friend got, any hints and tips, and where he actually got it from ... i might be able to get it at the same place if its good.

    thanks again.

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    just went to the show room and saw the 5 series m sport and also the x5 se ... really like the x5 now and theres only a 10k difference in price. Hence i am assuming there shouldnt be too much difference in lease price. Any more information from others would be helpful


    Only 10k... lol.

    I know he got his car from a dealership in Birmingham. I took him to get it, and spent my time drooling over the Z5. All I could do was drool, as I can't fit in the car being 6'7.

    He also haggled extremely hard, and used many many many dealerships against each other before settling with this one.

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    i guess i will need to haggle a lot then. I dont know if I have that much time to haggle but it will pay off im sure.

    well, in terms of leasing, 10k isnt much if you look at it. Thats what I think (im probably wrong).

    Have you tried gkl leasing I know my boss had a BMW X5 and aToyota land cruiser from them, both were top of the range and with lots of extras not sure on how much though and they delive rthe vehicle to you.

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    ill take a look - thanks!

    I've found NATIONWIDE VECHICLE CONTRACTS to be a good informative site, it also provides insurance quotes on line.

    Another good informative site is LING VALENTINE - if you can stand the graphics! Some good tips there regarding maintenance contracts etc.

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    thanks suze
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