Does Anyone Have A HTC Wildfire?

    Hey, was just wondering if anyone with a HTC Wildfire could answer some questions please? I'm seriously considering getting this and would really appreciate just to make sure it's worth my money

    1) Is the music player any good? Are there good alternatives on the Android Store? Also is the in-built speaker good?

    2) How's the on-screen keyboard? I plan to be texting a lot so it's important that the keyboard's good. Is there also a character limit? The one on my K770i is bad

    3) Any Must-have apps? Is there some the Wildfire doesn't support?

    Most importantly- do you think it was worth the money?



    I thinks it an excellent phone. full stop.

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    I thinks it an excellent phone. full stop.

    Yeah, I'm stuck between that and the Xperia Mini Pro..

    xperia mini is TINY!!!

    I bought a Wildfire last week would really recommend it ! . The sound quality is great for music .

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    Looks like I'm swaying towards a WIldfire

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    Sorry for double post, but should if I buy sim-free from, should I be ok popping my o2 Simplicity Sim in?
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