Does anyone have a pair of Reactions glasses???

    Looking for a Pair of free Reactions glasses or dose anyone know where i would be able to get cheap ones from as with out these i canot drive at night HELP !!!!


    you mean ones that turn into sunglasses in the light?

    Prescription lenses ?

    Jamin616, C ur new to the site! You wouldn't be related to me would you ? cos, Somone in my family has the same problem. How sure am I xxxxxxxxx

    I got mine from Direct Specs online, just over a month ago £52.50 delivered. I am 5 in each eye, so a highish prescription - really pleased with price - SpecSavers quoted £250.…128

    Their frames start from £15, so you can get cheaper (plus £27.50 for reaction - called Sunsensor)

    if u take ur current glasses to an optician they might tint these for you on the cheap, all they dip is dip ur lenses in some solution, costs them pennies for the solution

    My sister got hers from specsavers
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