Does anyone have a Paypal Card?

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Found 10th May 2010
Just wondering if anyone has a Paypal top up card. would it be a good solution to withdrawing my ebay money quicker than a bank transfer? any help would be appreciated!

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yes, you can top the card up, the balance appears the next working day. to spend on your junk.

Yes, it's much quicker than transfering your paypal cash into your bank account. Only prob is you get charged for withdrawing cash (about 2.50 per withdrawal, I think), but it's free if you just want to use it as a debit card.


i think that there is only a certain amount you can transfer to it in a year though and its not that much well 10 grand so depends on how much you sell on ebay

Card issue fee £4.95 (This fee is also payable where a card is issued to replace a card which has expired or is due to expire.)
Additional card fee N/A
Limits Minimum amount of initial load £5 at a Post Office or PayPoint outlet. Maximum load amount is £500 per top up transaction undertaken at a Post Office branch or PayPoint outlet or at any outlet of any other member of the Cashload Network. Where loading from a PayPal Account, the maximum load is £1000.
Periodic fees N/A
Transaction fees Foreign Exchange Transaction – A fee of 2.75% of the value of the transaction will be applied. The exchange rate applied to the transaction and shown on the balance and transaction information pages of the Website will incorporate this fee. There are no other transaction fees other than as indicated elsewhere in this table.
Cash withdrawal fees The maximum ATM withdrawal is usually £200 per day
Domestic ATM cash withdrawal fee - £2.00
International ATM cash withdrawal fee - £3.00
(ATM withdrawal fees may differ from the above, depending on the ATM provider)

Service fees N/A
Balance enquiry Call centre balance enquiry – N/A
ATM balance enquiry - N/A
Top up fees and load limits A top up fee of 2.5% (minimum fee of £0.25p) will be applied to the value of each load made via PayPoint. A top up fee of £1.00 will be applied for each load made at a Post Office. The top up fee will be deducted from the amount of the load.

Minimum amount of any reload is £5. Maximum load amount is; £500 per top up transaction undertaken at a Post Office branch or PayPoint outlet or at any outlet of any other member of the Cashload Network (the maximum is £1000 per top up transaction undertaken from a PayPal Account); £1000 per Account per week ( i.e.: seven consecutive days); £2000 per Account per calendar month; and £10,000 per Account per calendar year.

Usage restrictions The card can be used at most establishments that accept Visa cards. Certain restrictions apply on the use of the card (for instance, the Cardholder is not permitted to use the card at car rental agencies or hotels, or to pay for fuel obtained from automated fuel dispensers, or to pay for some gambling transactions).

Ive never been charged any fees (apart from paying £5 for the card), i just top up the card from paypal, and spend the money in the shops.
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