Does anyone have a Pure Chronos 2 DAB??

    What do they think of it? Im thinking of getting one but i need some views from people on here!…OY/


    I doooo!!
    Wot you wanna know?

    I guess would you buy it again and so on....

    The thing it - in all honesty, you aren't going to notice that it is a XYZ or this or that or the other - for the money it is undoubtley expensive - I wanted one as they got such good reviews, when I bought it, it was a lot more expensive than the one you have posted.
    I use it everyday (as you would expect) BUT I am by no means impressed..

    I could have bought a really cheap one (like I used to have) and it would have done exactly the same job.

    It has a couple of gimmicky features, but I don't in all honesty use them. The sound is no where NEAR as good as I thought it would be (principally by its name).... And it is nothing more than a Alarm Clock Radio no matter how you pre pacage it up..
    It got good reviews in the boys techie magazines, but I have seriously thought of going back to my old Hi-Fi system with alram clock radio feature purely just for the excellent sound and so on...
    I definitely wouldn't recommend this over anything else, but if you were to get one... I don't think you would be disappointed - just not as excited as you thought you would have been...
    The sound isn't all that, and the brightness of the display can be a bit too much - till you reaklise you can dim it with a button on the back...
    NOT the cats whiskers by any means.....

    Original Poster

    Oh right, just needed a little radio for the bedroom and as it has an alarm function on it i thought it would be ideal. Quite worrying though that it has naff sound quality :O

    Rep given cheers cat person!

    Anytime dude!
    I SERIOUSLY wouldn't buy one at this price with no bass and treble control...
    If your lucky, one of the big stores may demo it for you... But TRUST ME you are better off saving your pennies and buying a cheaper one, or getting a very cheap hi-fi with alarm / radio function and using that for the decent sound....
    I dont mean to run it down, as it is probably a good make and so on - but I have one, and this is my honest opinion.... Definate no no from me.....
    I wouldn't mind the sound quality being lacklustre on a cheapy - but this - well I thought it was gonna be all singig all dancing and everything... Alas no.....
    Good luck with whatever it is you do decide to buy though!

    Original Poster

    Well im still keen on having a dab radio alarm clock. I think having a hi-fi would take up to much room so do you recommend a PURE EVOKE…top

    Mixed reviews though ;-)

    With internet radios like the Flow version of the pure evoke coming out, DAB is going to have to do something special to avoid dying out as internet radio can have far better quality and there are far more channels availible.
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