Does anyone have a shipping code for Medion that they could share please

    Hi I placed an order this morning with Medion for a tablet and the shipping was £6.95. I forgot to order the case for the tablet and to order it now would cost an additional £6.95 shipping. I tried phoning them to ask them to add it to the order, but no joy. I asked them if they could offer free shipping on the case but again no joy. I have looked at the generic cases that are available, but they do not look as good as the original. So basically, I am wondering if anyone has a free shipping code that they could share. Medion did say that when the order arrives I could return it and then replace my order to include the case, but I suspect I would still have to pay additional shipping charges, as most companies do not refund the shipping costs. Many thanks in advance


    have you tried cancelling the order and starting again?

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    Hi thanks rjones for the suggestion. I did try that but it wouldn't let me cancel. Thanks for the suggestion though.
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