Does anyone have a Sony KDL40W5500?

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Found 14th Jan 2010
Does anyone have a Sony KDL40W5500 TV?

I bought one to replace my 6 series Samsung just before xmas but i'm not happy with the sound, on my Samsung i used to have it on number 6 and it was nice just for background sound, number 12 was perfect for wathing TV, on my Sony i'm on number 24 and it's still quiet is anyone elses like this?


Should have kept the Samsung m8.

I have just bought a Series 5 le46b530 and it kicks ass.

Sound is the achillies heal for Sony's to be honest.

yeh 6 series loads better than the sony w5500, sale the sony and step up to the 7or 8 series sammy.

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I agree the Samsung was better, only reason i wanted to change was because.

A) I had a Samsung before purchasing the 6 series and after 2 years it packed up.

B) I wanted the sync function so i could share music / movies / photos from my pc.

Steeping upto 7 or 8 series might be an idea :thumbsup:

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Different companies are going to use diff numbers for the volume, are you … Different companies are going to use diff numbers for the volume, are you kidding me.

That is understandable, but for the volume to go upto 50 before i can hear it and that was only just !

on my sony i never normally have the volume above 30(out of 100)

but there are lots of differnet settings you can change. On the W series there should be a voice zoom setting which should give you clearer sound on voices but there are lots of different modes to play around with and configure.

Ive always found the sound pretty solid on the sonys, i remember once I saw a samsung tv it was turned up to 100 and it still wasnt even that loud for the room i was in, was shocking

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Tried playing with the settings but nothing, even when volume is at 23 and people talk it sounds distorted, still i'll have to live with it for now
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