Does anyone have a spare 24 hour gold subscription going?

    Hello, my mate and I would like to play on live together today but his subscription ran out yesterday and the one he ordered online said it can take up to 24 hours to arrive.

    So just wandering if anyone has a spare 24 hour gold subscription going? Ideally we'd like to be playing before I shoot off to work tonight at 6pm so disregard this after that time.

    Rep for anyone who does have one :-)



    lol just tell the truth and admitt its for you

    Buy your xbox live subscriptions off ebay you pay less that they cost everywhere else, still unused i can vouch for them and they arrive same day usually within minutes.

    send the other one back :-D

    i got a spare one you can have but its 48 hr lemme know and i will pm (came with fable 2)

    Original Poster

    He paid £26 which I think is very reasonable. Don't worry about the code any more guys though, we managed to find someone who had a spare code.

    Personally I buy mine whenever I see them cheap at reputable UK shops (no chance of getting a ban then) when they're less than £25 and just keep adding them to my account. I don't think mine runs out till 2011.

    xbox live not free over xmas period ?


    xbox live not free over xmas period ?

    lol no


    lol no

    Why LOL they had xbox gold for silver not so long ago was sure it was like last week.

    Xtival 08 but yeah that was not last week

    And yeah really LOL at Xmas M$ not that nice but really why not, as most users who need xbox live @ xmas have been given/bought a new system with 1 month free anyways. So would also be a good gesture towards previous purchasers to extend by 1 month or give another 1 month to all that ran out in other words just turn Silver into Gold for December.
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