Does anyone have a spare Meerkat Movies code?

Found 17th Aug 2015
Hi, I just purchased some insurance on compare the meerkat but every time I try to activate it, it says "Sorry, we can't automatically validate your details for the selected product and brand. Please check you have selected the correct product and brand."

Does anyone have a spare code I could use please for tomorrow, while I get this whole thing sorted out?


EDIT: If anyone has had a similar issue regarding activating their account, could you please let me know how you fixed it, thanks.
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You've just got to wait until your account activates properly. It does state that when signing up, can take 48hrs for you to be able to use Meerkat Movies.
I'll send you one shortly


Received, thank you!
If it doesn't activate within 48 hours you can contact customer support where they manually do it,I had to do it.

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