Does Anyone Have A Zune!!!!

    hi, does anyone have a zune? if you do how do i transfer videos as it is not allowing me to simply drag it to the playlist or folder???????


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    doesnt say in the manual have read it and quite strange. i no

    I think theres something about you have to select folders which the video file is in..I only use it to stream video to my xbox

    Forgot completly about the Zune.

    More intrested in the iPhone.

    Microsoft have killed off the Zune with there marketing budget going on Vista.

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    iphone not amazing the only thing which is are the looks once again amazing but features ok. 4gb for music like a normal walkman phone.

    Yea the iPhones pants and is beat by technology built into the W950 which was released end of last year i'm sure.
    iPhone has a bigger screen but no 3G. And using this i think u can get TV on the Sony one.

    Anyway i still have never bought a standalone music player, there built into most otehr gadgets.
    All my phones the past few years has a radio and memory, and the PSP does music and video.

    Never even seen a Zune in person

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    its really good google it for an image

    I am sticking to my Pocket PC for everything on the move bar phone calls. That I have a phone for, and a phone is all it is used for.

    I am all for all in one. however it doesn't mean it is better than single purposed products.

    Yeah, integrated mobiles are where things are going, MS entered the mp3 market way to late. Apparently mobile TV is such a huge success in S. Korea and Japan that they're gonna push for it in US and Europe. Can't wait for those things.
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