does anyone have access to new ads on preloved?

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Found 13th May
Hi does anyone have access to preloved new ads. There's a pet that are after that still has 7 days to run able to access

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pay same as everybody else

please, consider adopting. there are so many unwated pets that have gone through so much suffering but now have no where to go because people choose "pretty, young pups/ kittens" rather than "standard old dogs/cats".

type 'adoption centres near me' on google and plan a trip to a centre. you can spend time with cats/dogs and get to know if they are right for you. there are pups/kittens there too.

personality > looks

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It's an adult dog that the owner can no longer look after


It's an adult dog that the owner can no longer look after

well then chris you are a good man!

well i would be if i can access it...looks like I will just have to pay and never use again!

If you viewed it before can't you try and use a history version of the page or see if you can get a Google cached version from your history?

I'll have a ganda for ya. Post with more info.
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