Does anyone have an EGG card ???

    Im in portugal just now and tried to use the card but it was declined, iv checked on the account and everything seems to be ok

    Iv sent them an email regarding this issue...but its the weekend so i dont think il get a reply soon lol

    Has anyone had any trouble using the card abroad? i only just received the card about 3 weeks ago


    did you activate it [url][/url]

    Try different cash points - I had the same issue a few months back

    We've had cash machines asking for your 6 No pin No.
    Had to enter 00 in front of your pin.

    Beware of three wrong atempts locks your card though..
    Maybe better going into a bank to draw money on it.

    Also your maximum transactions per day is 8 with an Egg Card.

    I found this out when buying 10 memory cards from Amazon Jersey .......they action them individually to get around the Tax.

    When i went to pay for fuel later in the day my Egg card was declined. (How emabarrassing ??) :roll:

    When i phoned Egg they said 8 transactions per day is the limit for their fraud protection. ;-)

    Original Poster

    yeh it was activated, ill try the 00 or maybe going to a different cach point lol

    thanks all


    Yeah got stuck in florida with mine. You have to activate your card via customer services for international use. It takes about 48 hours to go through the system. But if you phone the emergency number on the back of the card they can do an emergency funding thingy for you

    Original Poster

    Yeh called them up, apparently there was a block on the card coz i took 100 out in the uk....daft eejits

    anyway they say it will be cool to use by tomorrow

    yee ha !!

    altho i dont know if ill use it now tho as the guy was rattling off all different charges etc handling charge ....
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