Does anyone have an ELC 20% off voucher? *A big thank you to Flodd - you are so lovely!*And MissGem & Rosiewoo & Barky*

    I was wondering if anyone has a 20% off ELC voucher, I think you can get them free with baby food or something like that.
    I'd be really grateful if you would let me have it if you aren't going to use it.


    Theyre on pouches of ella's kitchen, do you want the code or the physical voucher to take instore?

    just scroll down about 6 posts-missgem has posted a 20 percent code in vouchers

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    Thanks everyone, you're all on the ball tonight X)
    Unfortunately the online voucher code doesn't work for the item.
    My sister wants to get the Plum playcentre for my nephew's first birthday present, but the voucher doesn't work on that, so if someone has a paper voucher maybe we could try and use it in store, it'd make such a big difference to the price!

    Pm your address over and ill put one in the post on Tuesday for you...

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    Pm your address over and ill put one in the post on Tuesday for you...

    Oh you are fantastic, thank you so much. I'll PM you now. Thanks again.

    It works on the Mothercare website, £169.99 delivered, BA8M x

    Its cheaper at tesco direct, and if you have clubcard vouchers you can double them up, clicky this linky

    Tesco currently have 20% off all Plum Products
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    It works on the Mothercare website, £169.99 delivered, BA8M x

    Forgot about that code i had posted!!!!! Good reminder

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    Wow guys, thanks for all the help, you are fantastic!
    I had a look at Mothercare website and can't work out where to put the voucher code in (tired eyes) and will talk to my sister about that but I think if it could be purchased in store then that would be ideal as his birthday is at the end of next week (there's no real rush to have it there on the day but it would be nice if it was) - I'm very excited hehe, even if he won't know what is going on I will
    Thank you again, you have all been so helpful.
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