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Does anyone have an email address for seetickets?

Posted 9th Nov 2010
It goes a little something like this;

I order tickets a few months back for a gig next week.
Tickets don't arrive
I call seetickets, they direct me to their website
Website shows tickets as dispatched, I have not taken receipt of them
Try calling seetickets on an 0871 number, sit through a minut long prerecorded message before I get a beeping tone that just cuts off.
Write a lengthy email to cumstomerservices@seetickets.co.uk
The email is returned with a message to submit the message on their contact me page.
I do this and it just throws up a "response code 403" error message.

It seems unless your buying something there is no way of contacting the company!

Would anyone happen to have a valid email for them so I can contact them directly please?

Thank you.
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