Does anyone have an Internet enabled TV ? I have a question please...

Can the major brand i.e. Samsung, sony etc TVs with internet access browse to any given site?

As in can you type URLs in and get to flash/active X enabled sites? or are you limited to those widgets they all seem to have?

Thanks in advance!


my samsung one can only access what widgets there are available, it cant type in urls

yep widgets only most of which are a bit of a gimmick tbh but bbc iplayer i find works well for me.

if you want the net you will have too plug your comp into the tv and use it as a big monitor

same with the LG netcast
no browser. it has apps/widgets


this philips has full net access but it *aint … this philips has full net access but it *aint cheap

*Isn't (_;)

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I'd watch with Sony as some new models have TV widgets but the slightly older TV's have something called Applicast which has zero support and no TV.

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Hmmm.... cheers for your responses, guess the most convenient option is still a PC plugged into a big screen then.

Was hoping to configure a channel button to view an IP Cam URL or something.
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You can install Samygo on Samsung TVs, need a bit of knowledge though.

Check the website to see if the model of TV you are looking at is supported.

"SamyGO is a project for legal reverse engineering and research on Samsung Television firmwares which is Open Sourced, partially."
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