Does anyone have any experience in using NZBGet web interface? - Please help!

Found 23rd Jan 2011
I am having slight troubles getting everything working. I have had an array of messages and have changed various settings etc, but I am starting to loose the rag! It has ranged from "Server Sleeping" etc. Anyway I am wondering if anyone can tell me which options to change in the web interface. Thanks.
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never heard of it before is it the same as grabit ?
Original Poster
Yes similar. It is a linux based program and is often used in NAS boxes and servers etc.

I am trying to get it to work with my NAS.

My NAS is an LG N2B1.

Grabit is good. If you decide to use that, I have all the info that someone helped me out with that I will find and pass on...
Original Poster
Grabit is good.

I use it on my desktop PC.

However you cannot use that with a home NAS system, since it is a windows application.

NZBGet is small on footprint and was designed to be used on systems such as NAS.

Anyway, I managed to get it to work. YES!

It turned out there was a default password saved somewhere which shouldn't have been.

Although I had changed that much and had shutdown / started that much times, it's hard to keep track.

Thanks for your response.
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