Does anyone have any experience with Zeek gift cards?

Found 13th Nov 2017
Merry Christmas all.

Does anyone have any experience with Zeek gift cards? I have £190.00 odd to spend from Top cash back and was looking to maximize this for the Black Friday sales. If I spend it though Zeek gift cards I’ll get a 13% bonus plus whatever bonus the retailer is offering. Shame no Amazon gift card.

Many thanks.

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The bonus makes it worthwhile, otherwise zeek is pointless it’s only about 1-5% discount. It’s a good app though and it works just fine to buy and sell.
I've used them a few times and had no issues. Remember go through TCB the first time as there was £6 cash back last time I checked
I use them and find them handy to buy stuff with without much problem. I have had a few of issues.

1. I bought a Cinema voucher that just wouldn't work. I contacted them and they refunded my money back to my bank and gave me £3 bonus credit.
2. I wanted to spend £100 at Argos. So I tried buy 2 £50 vouchers (As you would) but it wouldn't let me. Once again I contacted customer services and they sold me that you can only buy 1 Argos voucher in any 30 day period.
3. I had a restaurant voucher but I didn't use the full value. The credit didn't carry over and I lost the remanding balance (I'd recommend reading the T&C of the vouchers before buying.)
4.) Also the first time I used them they didn't issue me my voucher straight away. I had to wait for my account to be verified???

Having said all this I do find them handy and they do save you some money.
Thanks for the feedback.
Merry Christmas? It is 13th November!
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