Does anyone have any spare Puppy points codes from andrex toilet tissue?

Found 24th Oct 2014
The Andrex puppy points promotion, which has been running for 2.5 years closes on 31 December. I've been collecting the codes for the full 2.5 years but still don't have enough points from codes to get the summer puppy outfit to complete the set. I'm now appealing to anyone who buys andrex but is not collecting the points to perhaps think about passing on your points code to me. It would make my 2 toddlers very happy! The code has at least 10 digits and is printed somewhere on the plastic wrapper. Thank you very much in advance!
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don't know if this is the code but here goes. ML5TNJHRLGWY
Thank you very much bo84gle! You just got me 5 more points, much appreciated and that but closer to my target!
Try this one ML5WGLRH1M2X
If you need more just go down to the supermarket with a friend, paper and pen.(_;)
Fantastic Toptrumpet, that's another 10 points towards my goal! I like your idea my sister also suggested that, but I wouldn't want to prevent someone else who is collecting the points from getting what is rightfully theirs. Much appreciated!
It's a dog eat dog world or should I say Puppy eat Puppy world. The offer closes soon so I'd have thought most people would have collected the points they needed by now. I'm sure you wouldn't be the first to do it and you could always blame your friend. Alternatively stalk people out at the checkout and ask for their codes as they pack their bags.
just out of interest do different size packs have different points values then?
Yes they do. I usually buy the quilted toilet tissue and it gives 6 points for a 4 roll or 12 points for a 9 or more roll pack. Think all others are 5 points for 4 roll and 10 points for 9 or more roll. I didn't pick the quilts for the higher points though, I just like them and stock up when they are on offer. I'll buy some more myself but Tesco has the velvet quilts on offer til 11 November so andrex will probably go on offer after that then I'll buy more. 59 points to go!
Try this one.. ML4FHY4M28XG
Found a couple more... ML52FCM197L6 and SKG8RFYHYR1M. I'm pretty sure these are all puppy points codes, I have had little clipped bits of plastic sitting on a shelf!
Wonderful PeachyPie321! They are all puppy codes! Another 22 points from 2 codes and I'll put the third code in tomorrow as the andrex site limits you to 5 codes a day, no exceptions (I even contacted them to see if they would waive this as its nearly the end of the promotion and they said no!). I'm getting closer and closer to target! X)
with all these codes have you got enough points for a real puppy yet? What are you hoping to order?
Hi, I've been collecting for 2.5 years and so far have ordered an umbrella with puppy ears for my son (100 points) a puppy with spring clothes for my daughter (170 points) a puppy with winter clothes for my son ( 170) points, an autumn outfit for the puppy (70 points) and now I'm saving up for the final outfit, summer outfit, (70 points) and every item costs c£3 in postage so I'm sure it's all a big con but once I started I had to keep going!
I got a load when they had free postage for a while. Sitting dog, slippers, mini dogs, lying dog and keyring. The best one was the 2 dog pencil cases that each contained pencil, ruler, rubber and stamp! My dog mad son was thrilled. Hope you manage to get the last outfit x
Thank you again PeachyPie321, thats 10 more fabulous points towards my goal! Only 19 points to go until I can order the final puppy outfit! I can enter up to another 4 codes today so if anyone has any more, they will be very gratefully received!
Just sent you a code by PM
heres another hope it helps
Brilliant Colleen, thanks so much! Another 5 points towards my total. Almost there!
Fabulous Magda, an amazing 12 points added to my puppy points! Only 2 more points to go til I can order the summer puppy clothes!!!
Hope this one works MLTAH06MCLL6
Hurrah! Thanks so much NatD123, another 10 points added and I now have enough points to order the summer puppy outfit!

Thank you to everyone for helping me reach my goal, my toddlers will be delighted when the andrex puppy orders arrive! Now I have to wait 28 days for delivery but I'm sure it will be worth it. I've waited 2.5 years so another month is neither here nor there! X
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