Does anyone have any Ultraviolet movie codes going to waste?

Posted 21st Oct
My niece is a budding film buff (taking after me more than her folks in that regards) and I've just spent the evening going through all my blu-rays for her, fishing out those leaflets with Ultraviolet codes on them.

So if any of you are like me and have a bunch of them sitting around unused, I'd gladly accept any donations on her behalf. She's particularly into classic Hollywood (stuff like Casablanca) and foreign/arty/weird movies but anything would be great. Only if you're sure you're never going to use them yourself though, of course.

(Sorry if this is the wrong place for a request like this, I can delete the post if it is.)

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Isn't Ultraviolet dead now?
darkstryder36021/10/2019 21:39

Isn't Ultraviolet dead now?

The service is dead, but the codes still work, they just give you a Google Play thing instead so you can watch through that.
Are you sure they're not for yourself?
Just redeemed Aquaman through wb digital redeem.
Never used them before.
Did it on my Pc while signed into google and after submitting the code the only option I had was Google play.
Worked great.
Just downloaded to my ipad.
awiew22/10/2019 12:47

Are you sure they're not for yourself?

If they were, why wouldn't I say?
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