Does anyone have customer service number for the new zavvi website!!

    I ordered somthing from zavvi and they emailed me to say it has been dispatched so they charged my card then they emailed me 2 days later that they didnt send out the item so becuase they maked it as dispatched they charged my frinking card now the order has been cancelled and the email says no money was ever charged but my bank statement clearly states it has.

    i have send about 5 messgae to them through there website and im being completley ignored and i have hunted for a telephone number and its not listed anywere

    any help will be appreicated


    0844 264 0702 I think.

    P.S. I found this number on the top right banner in the 'Contact Us' section

    Original Poster

    when i click on contact us in took me straight to a message board

    i tried the number it worked a treat thanks alot

    rep for your help thanks again:thumbsup:

    i just noticed it in there terms agreement page
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