Does anyone have or know anything about Motorola HMEZ2001 Homesight Wireless Security Monitoring Kits??????

    Motorola HMEZ2001 Homesight Wireless Security Monitoring Kit - Includes 3 Cameras and Remote Access Account

    Hi, I've been looking at this system and was wondering if anyone had one or knew anything about it?



    Hi, I have the homesight, and its not a bad system. I got the homesight, door sensor, and 3 wireless cameras for around £60 about a year ago. I did rig the system up, but then moved house. The cameras are up in the new place, but not connected yet.

    Overall, its pretty good, I did have to do a make shift arial though, as the one with it suffered trying to pickup the cameras from up stairs. After the upgrade, it was loads better.

    You get alot for your money, and although I'm not using it at present, I'm happy with what I got.

    Hope this helps.

    Does anyone know if this will work with Vista home premium?
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