Does anyone have problems with their BT Homehub?

    is it just me, or does anyone else's BT Homehub disconnect them alot?


    Mines fine, Although it did disconnect a few times when first installed it.

    most common WiFi issues are that everyone is on the default channel 1 which causes mass interference choose either 6 or 11 which is the weakest or least used in your area

    mines disconnects from the web completely if i upload to youtube or photobucket anything more than a few mb

    and opt out of the BTFon which stops your Hub from being used as a Public WiFi Spot.


    I was having major problems last week and was asked by bt where my hub was and when i told them it was in the window sill was told to move it as the street lights would affect it's signal, also if the digital phone is near it or a digital baby monitor. they said to have it in a central position on a wooden surface and if in a different room do not close the door as will block the signal.

    The two best bits of advice I can give are:
    1. Don't install the BT software and
    2. Don't ask BT India for help.

    Follow these rules and you won't get into too much difficulty!


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    I just have annoying problems uploading videos to youtube, the upload is so slow, for example 150mb video will take 3 hours to upload, and my upload speed is 0.35mb
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