does anyone have recomendations of a internet dongle?

    my husband has left me last week and im thinking of things i can cut back as obviously dont have so much money now until i can get a job
    anyway was going to get rid of the phone and internet and get a dongle i would only use it for facebook here and ebay and only really once or twice a day oh and to check emails...
    anyway can anyone recommend one? or point me in the right direction with prices per month type thing@?>


    Sorry to hear that - you might want to consider using Vodafone, as they have a few deals on Contract/PAYG mobile internet dongles.

    Vodafone Mobile Broadband…and

    Ive used both a 3 dongle and a T Mobile dongle for internet access and they've been fine, a little slower but no problems. You need to check which area has the best reception first really. Go onto the major mobile phone providers' websites and check out their dongle area services before you buy x

    i think o2 are doing a 30 day rolling contract for £5 i will try and find info now…le/
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    T-mobile, if you do go over your allowence then they just slow the speed down and allow you to use it still and dont charge you extra for it


    Im using t-mobile and its great. first time you top up with tmobile pay £2 for 1 day and get 30 days free very good
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