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    I'm thinking of getting the Nokia 6111 mobile on a contract, and I wondered has anyone had any experience of the handset? Was there anything that really got on your nerves, or that you really really liked??

    Please let me know :-D


    Wanna my honest opinion emma ?

    Looks cute in Pic not in hand (esp the silver/pink one). Can be easily scratched even with gentle handling due to poor silver coating :-(

    To mention something positive: A good camera with good features & quite trendy too...

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    Easily scratched.... I don't like the sound of that. I did like the sound of the camera though, supposed to be very good quality, as you say.

    Thanks for replying Edi

    Here is a quite comprehensive ]review of this phone. It is translated from Russian so wording isn't great, but you can take a look at menu structure, picture quality, video quality, etc.
    I personally wouldn't go for this phone because of lack of memory. But then my requirements might not be the same as yours

    Yeah ]emmajk42, might be worth saying what features you want from a new phone.
    I have a friend who got it just because it was Pink and regrets it.
    One of her major gripes was that the top 3 buttons are really difficult to get at because of the top half sliding up (needed a few more inches lee-way).
    Plus some of the more intuitive features of the phone and the way the calendar works has been changed to something a little less intuitive from previous Nokia software versions, bizarre.

    Still, if it does all the things you need it to do and you can't find anything better.

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    Thanks to you both as well.

    My requirements are these:

    [*]I want a 12 months free contract (cashback deal)
    [*]I want a Nokia
    [*]I want to buy from mobileshop[/LIST]
    So using those^^^ I'd decided upon this phone. As to features and memory and things, it doesn't really matter, as I hardly ever use it, only for texting really.

    I was just posting here to se personal experiences, such as the thing Edi mentioned above about it scratching easily.

    I'll have a read of that link Kommunist :thumbsup:
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