Does anyone here do voiceover/voice acting work?

Found 6th Jan 2018
Hello everyone!

I was wondering if anyone on here or anyone you know has experience in voiceovers or voice acting for film/TV/video games etc?

I've armed myself with a microphone and some audio editing software on my laptop and I realise I will have to record a 'showreel' but I wanted any advice on what else you would recommend?

Do I sign up with an agency? If so, can you recommend any?

I'm not necessarily looking for a big career in this but some extra cash is what everyone on here wants, right? :-)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Friend of mine has a son in drama school. He's done a couple of adverts. I don't know much about it but I do know he does it through an agent and has to go to castings or auditions to get the work. Hope that is of some help.
You need an agent that works in VO. Most of the good one's will have a page on their site giving info as to how to apply to them. IF ANY OF THEM ASK FOR A FEE AVOID. No reputable agent will ask for any money up front, their fee will come as a percentage from any work they get you (usually around %15).

I don't know of any as we don't use VO actors. But it's the same process for all talent.
Fivesquid is probably the best place to start
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