Does anyone here ever win with the monopoly online codes?

Found 22nd Apr 2018
I haven't . Please share your experience and your opinion as to whether I'm wasting my time with the online codes
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Never money. My nephew worked in mcdonalds for a while last year and i asked him to collect any left over stickers for me. Had about 300 and won about 5/6 now tv passes and that was it.
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Asked the same question last week, never won a code and loads of others replied with the same. Looks like it's either dodgy or that instead of there being 'loads of prizes' there are only less prizes on a limit allocated to be won each day, and as soon as that limit is passed then everyone else gets the 'Sorry' message?. However I've won a load of free food (which I had no use for and gave away) and useful Now TV Sky Sports passes saved up for this year, I don't go Maccies very often (mostly random one-offs most of the time just to get a McFlurry after work) so tbf it worked out well for me this year in that regard.

Disappointed though that the 'collect to win' and instant wins especially for the sought after prizes have one card for each bundle that are extremely rare (eg only 4 Mayfair and millions of Park Lane, like 20 Bond Street and tons of Oxford and Regent Street, 500 Xbox One X consoles (which I would not mind winning, if I did I would have sold it online and got another PS4 Pro and a monitor) etc).
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A friend gave me a ton (lets say 50?) and i spent hours going through them all to win NOTHING
Won a fiver the week before last.
Won a £20 Cex voucher and a Now TV pass, not a bad return from 6 stickers
Its a huge scam
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