Does anyone here know how to use excel forumulas well?

    I'm having troubel, I've not got much advanced excel experience, but I just cannot figure out a formula to get what I want, even using google!

    I've been trying countifs, countas, dcounts etc...but I think I MAY need something more for this one:

    In one particular column, I want to count the number of cells that have a value of >3 and
    I hope you can understand this.... If anyone can help, please post here.



    Edit: ah i just realised there was another criteria you wanted

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    Thanks mug - I actually tried that page earlier as well.

    It's the two criteria - that's the rub. I just cannot figure it out. Thanks for trying though.

    Do you have a sample worksheet you're willing to upload?

    I've got a fair bit of knowledge, but need to be able to see what I'm doing to explain it if I can.

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    Thanks Designz! I may have just figured it out, but it is in 5 or 6 steps...! I was working on it as I left work tonight, I'll be starting into it again tomorrow, so I'll post if I need ya! Reputation upped for the offer!

    Just had another look - got a bit of a better idea now on it ..

    Basically you're saying (in english)..

    Output me the number of cells which have a value between 3 and 7 in them but only if cell A12 is filled -- or a particular cell has the value "A12" in it.

    That about right?

    Like I said - better idea if I can see what I'm doing cause it sounds a bit long winded.

    Thanks for the rep too

    EDIT: 100th post

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    [img-float=left][/img-float]Congrats on the 100th post!!!!

    Yes, That's what I'm trying to acheive, may have solved it, but don't want to think about work again until tomorrow morning....!

    Yeah, thats the problem with Excel .. You think you've found a way around a problem, but it comes round and bites you in the rear again.

    Have faith - most of the time a basic and not very well structured formula will work. As long as it does the job for you then that's all that matters!

    Did you your method work out ok in the end?

    If not, I've got some spare time tonight to have a look if you want.


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    Yes it worked fine! It just took me hours to figure out what probably was a very simple problem. Excel seems to have a very steep learning curve, but once you know how to do something, you're flying!

    Thank you for your very kind offer! My work has given me another project in the meantime, so the excel work is taking a backseat for a few weeks

    Ah thats alright then!

    Sometimes with these things you've gotta sit and play around. You can't lose anything if you take backups of your work.

    I say you can't lose anything - but that depends on how crazy you go

    I think out of all the Microsoft Office Programs, Excel has to be the hardest. But then there could be people out there that will probably disagree with me and say Access probably is.

    I'm not a spreadsheet person myself, prefer the databases. But I'm OK with either.

    I'll shh now, I'm waffling lol
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