Does anyone here use an online diary/calender?

    I want to start keeping a bit of a daily diary online, and also have the function to set reminders and events, over say the course of a week.
    Does anybody use anything like this, or is there a microsoft application that kets you do this?


    No doubt there is a lot of software that can do this. How do you want to be reminded of things?

    Original Poster

    basically, like a mobile phones calender funtion, but with space to write things in each day, if that makes sense.

    i use google calender!!

    if you use igoogle can even put a app on your igoogle page with the calender on there, mine is set as homepage so you can always see whats comin up over next few days.


    I use google calendar aswell, syncs with my Sony Ericsson calendar just … I use google calendar aswell, syncs with my Sony Ericsson calendar just fine on my phone aswell.

    oh and also you can add other peoples calenders to yours, for example i have my work schedule, and my sister and her fiances work schedule on mine (i live with them) then we always know whos home when for dinner purporses and such, pretty useful feature and even colour coded

    I've just started using yahoo'd version of this, only because I have a yahoo email address though & so has the girlfirend. We can share the same calendar.

    It seems pretty basic though but does the obvious.
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