Does anyone here work in radio???

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Found 8th Jul 2007
hey guys,

It's a longshot - but I'm looking for any HUKDers who work in uk radio, regional or national.

I'm a uni student who's been in student radio for a couple of years, and am looking for someone who works in the industry for some advice/chat etc :-D

give me a pm if you can help!


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I used to do student radio then I did some hospital radio and a little local on saturdays, but I never got paid a penny or saw any chance of ever being paid. My advice is:

Bare in mind there's 10,000 people in the same situation as you...
Be prepared to work up from the bottom and not get paid for ages
Go in to your local BBC or wherever and ask to help answering the phones etc
Do this and maintain an interest in what's going on, ask to be shown equipment etc.
Do some hospital radio or anything you can in your free time.
You may be considered for a job on the rare occasion one comes up
Get a good demo done too.
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