does anyone know ?

    what the eye condition is called when u pupil goes kind of shiny ( sorry only way i can describe it ) like wen a picture is taken and the pupil looks like it is blocked by something and looks like a bright light is being shone into it ? im not on about red eye its a medical condition but can think of the name xxxx


    is it cataracts ??


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    thans for that but no it what ges undetected in children and can nly be spotted wen a photo is taken i read abt in a magazine a few months back but a bit worried that some one i no ma have it xx

    Take a look at this site.. maybe you will recognise the name there,…csp

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    Retinblastoma ? ? Can sometimes be a cause of red or white light in eyes … Retinblastoma ? ? Can sometimes be a cause of red or white light in eyes in photos...usually detected in children but is very rare (just so I dont worry anyone)

    yes thats i have just looked for it and saw some pics , i think some one in my family has it in every pic my little girl is fine but her cosins eye is like this my boyf say i sudnt interfear ( sorry bout seplling )

    This is not the place to diagnose problems that can't even be described - go and see a doctor, or at the very least, an optician. Let's hope it is a simple case of 'nothing' but, in my view, it is enough to warrant an expert opinion. They will not mind looking at the eye, and would prefer to see it and find nothing rather than you ignore something that can be easily cured and late diagnosis may be serious.
    Good luck

    the news article was twins wasnt it and one had a rare tumour. the retinablastoma.

    id say check better safe
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