does anyone know?

    a place where you can take your consoles and get cash for them as i really need to get rid of these also went to game(not sure if its game or gamestation but its the one in cumbernauld) and they said they dont take the gamecube or phat consoles anymore?



    You'll need to take ID and proof of address with you to get cash for your items.

    You could either try, Game/Gamestation, CEX if you have one or somewhere like cash converters, but if its old consoles your really not gonna get a whole lot for them.


    Cashconverters aswell :thumbsup:


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    dont have a cex here i did go to game/gamestation not sure which one it is in cumbernauld and they said they dont take the phat versions anymore! they are all working and have 2 controllers and memory cards was going to give them to my mum to put on fleabay but she,s asked me to wait a few weeks as she has alot of stuff on just now!

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    will look into cash converters as i think theres one at parkhead which is near thanks all

    Isn't Cex online?

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    i havent a clue will go look now then and see thanks


    Isn't Cex online?

    Can someone clarify what "cex" is... does this mean cashconverters?

    I think its along the same sorta lines.

    AshleyRFC;4929816 think its along the same sorta lines.

    thanks hon x x
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