Does Anyone Know A Cheap And Easy Way To Unlock A Sony Erricsson K800i

    Ideally want it unlocking to use my blyk sim and orange sim
    Any help would be greatly appreciated


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    Anyone? id apprecite a hand

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    Anyone able to help?

    Easiest way is take it to a local independent phone shop or market and get it unlocked. Will cost £10-15.

    Alternatively, you can do it for free but it'll require a bit of technical know-how. You can use a program called SETool2 (or XS++) to unlock it. It's a bit complicated at first when you read about it on tutorials but once you get your head around what you have to do and you've downloaded all the stuff you need, it's pretty straightforward.

    Useful info:…546…rch

    Just a head up blyk is stopping service Aug 26th
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