Does anyone know a site where....

Found 13th Feb 2010
... it tells you what words a text message will generate with certain combination of key presses with predictive text on?

For example, keying the numbers 2665 will generate "book" , "cook" and "cool" (as well as nonsense combinations).

Anyone know of any such lists? (Actually, need a word to describe them: homophones are words that sound the same, perhaps these can be phonephones).

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I think the word your looking for is 'Stems'.

T9 (predictive-text) uses an optimized algorithm which maintains the order of words, and partial words (also known as stems) but because of this compression, it over-generates words which are sometimes visible to the user as 'junk words'.

there is deffo a site- i can't remember it though- but if you find it, post on here.. earn some rep from me!

and me

I've noticed there's some rather ironic combinations of words that can be generated from the same button presses on a phone keypad. "Eat" is the same sequence as "fat" (328), while 2625 will give you "cock" and something else which begins with the letter "a" which I'll leave to your imagination! ;-)

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