does anyone know about elonet/elonex/linux laptops please?

    I have just bought one for daughter for xmas I really could do with some advice please please pm me if you can help



    I think you're missing the point of a shopping forum. If you want advice on something, ask before you buy it. If you still want advice after you've bought it, there's no point doing it by PM, because then only you get to benefit from the knowledge being shared, which defeats the purpose of what a forum is.

    What do you actually want to know?

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    Sorry - I did search before and thought it would be great. Now I can't believe that there is no flash - I'm not sure what my 5 year old can do with it if she can't access learning websites as they all take flash.

    I was wondering if anyone knows whether you can put flash on a usb? and run websites via that?

    I am so confused and can't return it (2nd hand) so my little girl is likely to have a very useless main present ;-(

    my o/h has linux on his laptop, if its a linux it dose use flash. i personally think linux is fantastic for kids the educational games are fantastic, it will be going on my sons laptop hes getting for his birthday. if you need any help with linux just pm me and my o/h will help you out
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