Does anyone know about finding specs from dell outlet?

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Found 14th Aug 2009
Hi when I purchased my studio from outlet in Jan I was able to look up the full spec online, just tried the service tag program again and it doesn't seem to work anymore?

Am I doing something wrong or have they changed it?


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They 'appear' not to be supplying the service tag number on the site any more since the revamp.

I spent an afternoon going through the page source for the spec box and the main page (a VERY slow day at work) and the info isn't there. . .

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ah thats a real shame, my last one had extras such as bluetooth and backlit keyboard which wern't mentioned on any paperwork except when looking up the service tag. was hoping to check for extra's again but I guess would have to just hope for a nice suprise

I always check the service tag info as well (I buy far too many Dell laptops !).

They now seem to be putting less info on the site and with no access to the tag data it makes it harder to decide . . .

" Does anyone know about finding specs from dell outlet? "

Try Specsavers.;-)

Anything further on finding any extra goodies?
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