Does anyone know about Gizmondos and Sat Nav Software?

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Found 11th Aug 2008
Does anyone know about Gizmondos and Sat Nav Software?

I have an original Gizmondo, with Co-Pilot. Co-Pilot features UK maps only, and I'm abroad and wants European Maps and therefore want to put a different Sat Nav Software onto my Gizmondo.

How do I do it?! I've been on the Gizmondo forums but it all looks so complicated - does anyone have any friendly tips?

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I used to have a gizmondo with co pilot but had similar problem but as i,m too impatient and just could not be bothered to check all the forums etc so bought my self a tom tom and sold the Gizmondo on ebay.

It's actually pretty easy - depends on the software you want to install.

On the forums there are a series of step by step guides (written by Lister of Smeg) to show you how to install any of the numerous bits of software that run on it. My favourite was route66.
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