Does anyone know any supermarkets or shops that sell 3.5mm headphone to headphone cables

    Mine got jammed behind desk and had to pull it hard to get it from behind it and now im getting so sound out of it(at first it was just the left channel now none.)

    So annoying as I wanted to play an emulator on my hdtv

    Tesco's might sell them but not sure, unless someone in the Chester area is willing to give me one and I will pay like £1.50 towards petrol lol


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    Thats the one im really wanting to play games but dont want to connect PC direct to home theatre just to play them.

    im tired anyway so will go to bed early grrr its so annoying though

    Lol, i'd lend you one if I was based anywhere remotely nearby.

    my local tesco sell them. they're either £1.99 or £2.99 IIRC


    any pound store should have them

    Also stick your head around the door at any branch of Maplin, they have all of that stuff, the amount of times people used to come in there looking for those when I worked there was mad :P


    got mine from ebay 25M for £7 and i cant see any loss in data quality sounds fine through my soney 2.1 HIFI but it may just have a good decoder?? - P.S i know its not a shop but it came next day
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