Does anyone know anything about Linux?

    I've just bought a Western Digital MyBook World edition - a 1TB network hard drive. I got it because I really do need some more storage space, and ever since I got a more capable laptop I've been alternately working on my desktop and the laptop, depending on my mood, which has led to a lot of time consuming file transfers and me constantly forgetting which computer has the most up to date files, or where I've saved something. So having a network hard drive makes a lot of sense for me - I'm much more organised now.

    However, before I bought it I did some reading up and apparently it's capable of a few more features than are advertised if you can flash it with some Linux commands. For instance, the USB port on it - which is supposed to be used to add more storage - can be used as a print server, which I would find very useful. Also, at the moment I've got videos stored on it which I'm playing across the network using XBMC on my Xbox, but it won't work with a PS3 or Xbox 360. Again, hacking with Linux can enable this.

    I found this website:
    And, while it doesn't sound like total gibberish to me, I have no idea where to start. It does say that if you have no experience with Linux then you probably shouldn't attempt to do anything because you could brick the drive. So that leaves me out.

    So does anyone have any idea how I could do this? Know any intros or tutorials for Linux, or have done anything like this before?


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    Yes, if only the Linux penguin was here to help me. I bet he's the smartest penguin in the world. I'd settle for a Linux-expert in a penguin suit, but failing that, someone on here would do... :whistling:

    Buy a copy of this week's ComputerActive. It has a four page guide to Linux.

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    Buy a copy of this week's ComputerActive. It has a four page guide to … Buy a copy of this week's ComputerActive. It has a four page guide to Linux.

    Ah, good timing. Thanks to the snow day I have even less to do than originally planned, so I'm working my way slowly but surely through the tutorials on the site that I've listed. I noticed that there are some programs that do everything for you in an automated installation, but unfortunately they don't install the two features that I want. If I don't get anywhere by the end of the day I'll check out ComputerActive.

    well ...

    I can help u with Linux...but i have no idea what u wana to ask....sorry but nothing is clear from u r question....
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