Does anyone know anywhere selling codes for EA Access?

Posted 3rd Oct 2014
i've just cancelled my month of ea access and want to take the 12 months up but not keen on my card details being with Microsoft as knowing them they would charge me for my xbox live gold when that runs out even though i always use cdkeys
so i saw the option to redeem code but i cant find anywhere that sells them
can anyone help
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Can you not go into sainsburys/tescos? Normally by the gift cards they have prepaid visa cards in values of £25, £50 etc, the £25 would be enough to pay for ea access and hopefully by time renewal is due, more place will be stocking the proper voucher

or alternatively order a pockit card for 99p and top it up and just use it to pay for ea access like i do lol


cheers dealsolver I didn't think I could pay by topping up my account I only saw use card or redeem code.
I'll look at that thanks
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I don't think you can pay with Xbox credit, paypal/credit card are the only options I think, unless this has changed since I bought it?
i didnt mean use xbox credit, as you cant do that i just meant to register for a prepaid card from pockit.com or by tesco they sell prepaid debit cards with money on them, just use one of them once money has been spent on card you cant re-top up lol, pockit would be better as you can top up and only put on what u know u r gonna spend

you can not use xbox credit to pay for ea access, only debit cards, credit cards, vouchers and paypal
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