Does anyone know how straight forward .......

Does anyone know how straight forward changing a private reg plate is?

When i get back on the 8th of juky from being offshore ill need to swap plates with the car i just got, how easy is it?
there is a dvla office in dundee which i can go to as soon as im dropped off on th friday


if selling lots of forms to fill and send away, but still forms to fill in if swapping

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If i go up to the office the day i get home and fill the which ever form can i not come home and swap the plates over that day ? hhmmm i cant can i cause i will need to get the reg docs back to give to the garage

the garage boy said the mot is in august anyway so it would be better waiting till ig ot home, wonder why that was.

If you have the new car reg docs just take it to the dvla office and you can change the plates that day. It takes about 7-10 days (just did it 3 weeks ago) for the new reg papers to come back for the old vehicle and you will most likley be issued the reg it had before.( I kept mine and just swapped them over.). If your trading in the old one, just tell the dealer about it and they should be okay about it.

I found it really is quite easy to my surprise.

Check at the dvla office what the best option is for the mot. They will know what you can do.

I changed plates on one of my cars,had to send away my tax disc and log book along with mot certificate and the intended private plate document,they then send back a new tax disc,log book and mot sheet all showing your new reg number,mine took 14 days from buying the private plate to getting the new plates legally on the car.

Dont do what I done though,I forgot to tell the insurance company and as my car was registered with them to its previous reg number my insurance was null and void! just a word of warning

I got my tax disc same time I handed in the paper work plus cert for garage to make new plates if I needed to.

I had my plates made up on ebay whilst i waited for the new reg document to come through lol naughty naughty theyre meant to ask for proof/log book I believe but this ebay seller didnt!
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