does anyone know how to cancel an Asda groceries order??

Found 11th May 2014
i am trying to cancel an order, however, it seems to only want to let me ammend it... and it says if i don't check out, it will send me the original order!! Help!!! (thanks!)
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Have you tried ringing them?or when it turns up say you don't want it?
There is a way to cancel it online, i had an order due and the bank phoned me to say my card had been cancelled the evening before (suspected fraud) so i had to cancel it. I don't have an order booked so i can't look though.
There is a way - call them, that's the easiest
can you not just amend the order then delete everything and then save?
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Thanks all... i found a way... i kept going in to the "amend order" section... but you have to go into another section to view your order... there, they have a section to cancel
they are sneaky once. i amended an order, didn't check out, then the next day my original order came. luckily i hadn't shopped anywhere else, but i was a bit miffed.

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