Does anyone know how to do the little squiggle above an "e" on a laptop

    i need to spell Fiancee lol


    load up character map

    What about, "Fee on say"

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    sorry cant charge for him he is going for free lol

    [COLOR="Purple"]If it's in word if you click insert symbol, you should be able to find it![/COLOR]

    French script as Chrysha says insert symbol.

    Will it be a different font then tho.

    Word does it automatically if you run a spellcheck.;-)

    Ctrl + Alt +e



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    thanks mavis,

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    No problem

    Mavis Cruet;3399457

    Ctrl + Alt +eé:)

    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="3"][COLOR="Purple"]Very clever - I didn't know that! :thumbsup:[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

    héy !! :thumbsup:

    i didnt know that either my daughter name is ayésha and i have never been ble to put the é thank you

    Nice tip, have asked this to be moved to "Misc".

    Let me try it out...Cliqué.

    You don't need the Ctrl if you use the righthand Alt Gr instead, it's just Alt Gr + E then.


    áéúíóú....... Fa-da!


    I thought it was a line not a squiggle btw lol


    Nice tip, have asked this to be moved to "Misc". Let me try it … Nice tip, have asked this to be moved to "Misc". Let me try it out...Cliqué.

    Haha, I lol'd hard :-D

    Did you know if you hold ALT and press different number groups you can get different symbols.

    alt 0169 is ©
    alt 0174 is ®…rs/

    Supermod neither!!

    I guess the ctrl+alt combination was designed to imitate alt gr for american keyboards as they don't have that key.

    It also works with the other vowels and you can use shift + altgr to give you the uppercase version, e.g. É
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