Does Anyone Know how to play Tangled Wii Game

Posted 8th Mar 2011
We have the tangled wii game from lovefilm on loan at the moment.
They don't come with instructions and I can't work out what to do (admit I've not spent ages on it) We are in the tower and I can move rapunzel around and flynn is there, but don't know how to do anything and when I go to where the challenges are I can't click on any, and when I go to the map I can't go anywhere because everything is locked.
Help! My kids would like to play it but don't want to waste too much time!
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Thanks Barky,

I found this page helpful too for telling me how to navigate to first game on map-…MXk
Must use nunchuck controller to operate.
Throwback Thursday.

Lovefilm and Wii games.

those were the days
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